How to join the Network

Hello we are and we host a nationwide scrap car network located in England (for now). We offer sections of our network to agents/businesses that offer a similar service. To learn more about how the network works please read our process article. Anyone can apply, however depending on the services you offer, team size and request you there are several ways you can join us:

Agents are select individuals who run on their own. Each agent will receive a branding pack, added to the portfolio as a trusted agent. If you are interested you can apply here.

Alternatively you can join the Network, Joining the Network is an all in one experience offered to individuals who essentially overlooks a section of the network under their own name. You will receive an entirely new website that runs directly on the network, designed & developed to look like your website, along with a range of other branding assets. If you are interested you can apply here. 

All applications will be processed over 1-5 working days, depending on your request we may require extra questions to be answered. If this is the case, we will be in touch with you. We offer a 5* premium network with state of the art networking solutions, giving you – the user, the most simple experience. We expect all applicants to follow the same professional service standards. 

If your application is successful you will receive guidelines along with terms and conditions.